Zero-Knowledge Application

Zero-knowledge application

Zero-knowledge application (zApp) is a decentralized application that makes use of privacy-enhancing technologies, e.g. zero-knowledge proof (ZKP), homomorphic encryption (HE), secure multiparty computation (SMC), but operates correctly despite incomplete information, due to verifiable computation and arguments of knowledge.

Use Cases


The platform is designed around an idea that computationally heavy applications can use a public distributed ledger. In contrast to prior platforms, which put either concurrency or parallelism at the core, a compromise is made on atomicity to achieve composable and scalable programmability. Applications can be desktop, mobile, web, but not limited to these platforms.


API for development of zApps is ongoing progress. You can join the discussion such as whether a folding-based zero-knowledge proof-carrying data (ZK-PCD) will be the most suitable tool for our goals.


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