Deprecated HTTP API Version 1

HTTP API version 1 has been deprecated and will be removed in the future.

New code should use API Version 2.

Changes in Version 2

POST methods use Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded for parameters.

JSON responses use Content-Type: application/json.

blockdb/get: changed format of returned data.

transaction data: type moved to data array, blockHash renamed to referenceChain.

transfer, burn, lease, cancellease: return HTTP status 400 if tx was rejected.

addpeer: returns boolean.

disconnectpeer: returns boolean, address and port changed to peerId.

Renamed functions
peerinfo peers
nodeinfo node
blockdb/get block
blockdb/getblockhash blockhash
blockdb/getblockindex blockindex
ledger/get account
account/generate generateaccount
address/info address
mnemonic/info mnemonic
transaction/raw/send sendrawtransaction
walletdb/getwallet wallet/transactions
walletdb/getoutleases wallet/outleases
walletdb/getsequence wallet/sequence
walletdb/gettransaction wallet/transaction
walletdb/getconfirmations wallet/confirmations
staker/start startstaking
staker/stop stopstaking

WebSocket notifications use JSON protocol.