Documentation HTTP API

HTTP API version 2

API web-server listens on http://localhost:8283/ It can be configured in config/rpc.conf

Path of all methods is prefixed with /api/v2

Encoding of values
amount satoshis (1 coin = 100000000 satoshi)
data JSON
hash HEX-string
boolean string “true” or “false”
string UTF-8 string

Errors are returned with HTTP status 400 Bad Request.

Example of GET request: http://localhost:8283/api/v2/node

Node API

Wallet API


The web-server accepts WebSocket connections on path /websocket

Requests and responses are JSON objects.

{ command: "subscribe", route: "block" }

{ command: "subscribe", route: "txpool" }

{ command: "subscribe", route: "wallet", address: "$address" }